About Us

Since the day of its foundation the strategy of Progresstech-Armenia is steadily oriented towards keeping and developing the national intellectual resources, scientific and practical experience, traditions and culture. A high-level reputation and leading position of Progresstech-Armenia, confidence of customers and business partners is determined by its transparency and reliability, competence and skills of company staff, aspiration for honest, sustainable, long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Today Progresstech-Armenia:

It is a company  with 90 stress and design engineers with its head office in Yerevan. Our engineers are also working on the territory of our customers in Moscow, Tolyatti and Novosibirsk.


Engineering team



Lead Stress Engineers

(10+ year experience)

Lead Design Engineers

(10+ year experience)

Stress Engineers

(5+ year experience)

Design Engineers

(5+ year experience)




Our experience 


Spirit UK – Airbus (A 350)

Structural stress analysis of construction elements 

ECAR – Airbus (A 320)

Design of construction elements


Sukhoi SuperJet 100


Stress Analysis and Design projects:

Wing, Fuselage, Systems, Landing Gear

Sukhoi SuperJet 100

Production support


Renault – AutoVAZ


Concept design of the new model’s parts:

Underbody, Upper body, Plastic details, Seats etc.


















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